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2015 Disclosures



Reminder - Call for Board Nomination 27-12-2015
Board Nomination for the Next Tenure 13-12-2015
Complementary Disclosure on Debt Settlement 01-12-2015
Complementary Disclosure on Debt Settlement 29-11-2015
Complementary Disclosure on Sale of Properties 24-11-2015
Fitch Rating of Our Bank 11-11-2015
3rd Quarter Financial Statements 2015 02-11-2015

Sale of Real-Estate Court Verdict 22-10-2015
Assigning the Duties of the Acting CEO 20-08-2015
Resignation 28-07-2015
2nd Quarter Financial Statements 2015 26-07-2015
KIB CEO Resignation 02-06-2015
Disclosure concerning Sale of Property 28-05-2015
Disclosure on Adjourning An Auction Lawsuit 21-05-2015
KIB comments on Al-Qabas newspapers’ article 10-05-2015
Considering the Resignation of the Chief Executive Officer 10-05-2015
Comments on Press News 07-05-2015
Disclosure Regarding Auction Sale 04-05-2015
Disclosure Regarding Resignation of the GM-RBD 30-04-2015
Disclosure Regarding Referring the Property Sale Lawsuit to the Technical Bureau 26-04-2015
Disclosure Regarding Appointing the Board Bember. Raed Jawad Bou Khamsen as Deputy Chairman 08-04-2015
Disclosure regarding appointment of Mr. Wilfred Vaz 05-04-2015
Disclosure on Date of Dividends Distributions to Shareholder 31-03-2015
Disclosure Regarding the Bank’s Regular and Irregular General Assembly Meeting 09-03-2015
Re-disclosure Regarding A request submitted by a bank for settlement of KIB customer’s debts 25-03-2015
Disclosure concerning extending the approval for our bank to purchase or sell maximum 10% of its shares 25-03-2015
Disclosure concerning a bank requesting settling the debt of one of the bank's customers 24-03-2015
Disclosure concerning Zakat payable on the bank's shares 12-03-2015
Disclosure concerning a session set for the declaration of sale of properties 12-03-2015
Disclosure concerning holding ordinary and extraordinary general assembly 10-03-2015
Disclosure concerning the Cloture of Auction Case 05-03-2015
Clarification concerning Press Article 03-03-2015
Disclosure concerning the appointment of GM, ITD. 02-03-2015
Disclosure related to Case Verdict to Suspend Sale of Properties 24-02-2015
Annexure to the Disclosure related to the Auction Case Decision 23-02-2015
Disclosure related to the Re-submittal of Auction Case 19-02-2015
Disclosure related to the Seized Properties Case 16-02-2015
Disclosure concerning the Auction Case 03-02-2015
Disclosure concerning Seizing Properties of a Customer 15-01-2015
Disclosure concerning the Assignment of Mr. Osama Adel Ismael 04-01-2015

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