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Arzaq Deposit

Arzaq Deposit
Tenure: One month / Three months / Six months / One year

Under the Mudarabah basis, this investment deposit is Designed for individuals, establishments and compa-nies to meet their needs for a safe short and long term investment. On completion of the tenure, the deposits can be automatically renewed.
High Return on investment, flexibility of deposit periods ranging from one month to one year, and easy terms and conditions are only few of the privileges Arzaq deposit offers you.
Whether you prefer deposit in local or international currency, Arzaq is no doubt your best choice. As with all the other services provided by KIB, this investment deposit is completely compliant with sharia’a.

Features & Benefits

  • Sharia’a compliant investments and returns


  • Available for Individuals and companies


  • Flexible periods of deposit from one month to 1 year


  • Investment percentage up to 90%

Tenure        Investment %

  1 mo.             65%

  3 mo.             70%

  6 mo.             75%

  12 mo.           90%


  • Minimum deposit amount for 1, 3, 6 months is KD 5,000


  • Minimum deposit amount for 12 months is KD 1,000


  • Deposit in major foreign currencies.: USD, Euro, GBP


  • High return on investment


  • Automatic renewal upon maturity.


  • Eligible for financing from KIB*


  • Eligible to apply for Credit / Charge Cards*



Note: Opening of an account is must to open Deposit

Documents Required

  • Copy of Original valid Civil ID

*Terms & Conditions apply

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