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Investor Relations

Investor Relations (IR) strives to integrate finance, communication, strategy, marketing and Boursa Kuwait’s regulations compliance to enable the effective communication between KIB, the financial community, and other constituencies, which contributes to shares of the bank achieving fair valuation. KIB promotes constant dialogue with the national and international financial community - financial analysts, institutional and individual investors – through continuous communication from the IR Unit. IR provides the quality and quantity information on the expected financial and economic performance and the Group commercial performance, supporting the financial market in achieving a perception and an assessment of KIB that is consistent with the intrinsic value of the Bank’s shares.
KIB has established a reputation for abiding by business ethics and continually takes steps to reinforce its commitment. KIB’s Board of Directors believe that adherence to sound principles of corporate governance best safeguards the interest of the Bank and all its stakeholders, thereby maintaining KIB’s reputation and upholding stakeholder confidence. KIB is highly conscious of its role in Kuwaiti society, not just as a provider of essential Sharia’ compliant business services but as a catalyst in the well-being and development of the community at large. KIB engages with stakeholders by promoting fair and timely disclosures of its activities on its website and its annual report in line with the regulations issued by CBK, CMA or any other relevant authority and in line with its national and social responsibilities.




If you have any inquiries, please contact KIB’s Investor Relations unit:


• Address: Head - Investor Relations, KIB, Floor – 2, West Tower - Joint Banking Center, P.O. Box 22822, Safat 13089, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq, Kuwait
• Telephone: +965 22311448
• Email: Investor-Relations@kib.com.kw  



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