Call Account


Get the advantages of both current and savings account in one for your business. Get instant access to your funds through unlimited withdrawals, and earn profits as you save.


Minimum amount to open Call Account is shown below:


Major Foreign Currency          Minimum Amount to Open
          KWD                                      30,000
          USD                                      100,000
          EUR                                      100,000
          GBP                                       75,000
          SAR                                      375,000

Features & Benefits

  • Only for legal entities, companies and corporate customers.
  • Sharia’a compliant account.
  • No minimum amount required to maintain.
  • Annual profits distribution.
  • No restrictions on withdrawal or deposit amounts.
  • Standing orders are available for online transfers to cover other accounts.
  • Eligible to apply for Al Tojjar card (corporate services card for cash deposit/account balance enquiry).
  • Access to Al Dawli Online Service to check account balance and activities.
  • Free Al Dawli Mobile Banking application and access.
  • Access to “Al Dawli Weyak” our 24/7 contact center.

Document Required

  • Valid Civil ID.
  • Valid copy of certificate showing Civil ID of entity.

  • Valid copy of commercial license.

  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce registration certificate.

  • Copy of memorandum & article of association.

  • Copy of signature specimen authorization form.

  • Latest audited financial statement.



Terms & Condition Apply



Terms & Condition

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