Our Savings account offers you the highest returns of 1.6875%* and a monthly chance to double your investment value and other cash prizes for every KD 100 you deposit in your account.


Terms and conditions:

1. This promotion is valid for 3 months starting 9 September 2018 until 12 December 2018


2. The draw is applicable on the savings accounts for individuals depositing in Kuwaiti Dinars only.


3. Both existing and new customers can enter the draw


4. Customers can enter multi draws even if they win one of the draws as long as they fulfill all the requirements to enter the draw.


5. For the customer to have one chance to enter the draw they have to:
a. Keep their savings account activated for at least 30 days prior to the draw date.
b. Maintain at least KD 100 balance in the savings account for at least 30 days prior to the draw date.


6. The number of chances to enter the draw is calculated based on the lowest balance in the account during each month of the offer period.

7. Accounts below a KD 100 balance are excluded from the draw, but will benefit from the savings account returns.

8. Grand Prize: double the invested amount of 60% of the account balance. The maximum prize amount is KD 5,555 regardless of the savings account balance


9. Second prize to the 11th prize: KD 100 per winner.

10. All prizes are provided by KIB.

11. All draws will take place at KIB head office or any other place declared by KIB prior to the date of the draw in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

* Terms & conditions apply

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