Cardelss ATM Withdrawal

With the help of KIB Cardless ATM Withdrawal service, KIB customers can now transfer amount to another KIB or non-KIB beneficiary for withdrawal from the ATM without using an ATM card. The beneficiary will be able to withdrawal cash using his/her mobile number or Civil ID while entering the code sent by the bank.


Features & Benefits

  • Amount transfer is very easy and secured.
  • Most importantly, when you need cash urgently and your ATM card is not with you, this service will come to rescue you.
  • Transaction can be done 24/7.
  • Cash can be withdrawn from all KIB branches ATMs.
  • Recipient is not required to have KIB account.


  • Account holder must first register for the Cardless transaction service (free) through KIB Online Banking.
  • Account holder will have to create list of beneficiaries and the information required for each beneficiary is:
    a) First & Last Name.
    b) Civil ID number.
    c) Mobile number.

How it work

1)   Account Holder logs in to his/her account via KIB Online Banking

      and selects Cardless transaction.

2)   Account Holder will choose the account to debit and define the

      amount to be transferred.

3)   Account Holder will select a beneficiary from the list.

4)   Account Holder to enter his/her transaction password to confirm

      the transaction.

5)   System will generate the 4 digit code and will send it via SMS to

      Account Holder.

6)   Account Holder will forward the SMS to Beneficiary.

7)   Beneficiary heads towards any KIB Branch ATM and selects

      Cardless Service from the ATM screen.

8)   Beneficiary to choose whether to validate through “Mobile

      Number” or “Civil ID”.

9)   Beneficiary to enter Mobile number if chooses “Mobile” option

      or insert CID if chooses “Civil ID” option.

10) Beneficiary will be asked to enter the 4 digit code (forwarded in

      step  #6).

11) If the code is correct, not used, and not expired, ATM will

      dispense the transferred amount in full.

12) SMS will be sent to the Account Holder for the amount debited.


  • Maximum amount limit per transaction is KD 300.
  • Maximum amount limit per day is KD 300.
  • There is no limit on the number of withdrawal per day.
  • There is no monthly limit.


There is no fees associated with the Cardless transaction and service is offered free.

For Activation and FAQ, please click here

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