What is Real Estate Appraisal?

Real Estate Appraisal is Applying both scientific and professional approaches to determine the value after inspecting the property and the surrounding area as well as studying the real estate market, in details, to determine the property’s ‎fair market value.

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What is the main services offered in Real Estate Appraisal division?

The appraisal division was established Since KIB’s (Previously Kuwait Real-estate Bank) incorporation in 1973, to provide the best services by Appraising all types of properties (private houses, apartment and commercial buildings, complexes, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and etc.) for individuals, companies and institutions.

Real Estate Appraisal… What is it for?

*Sell, purchase, or exchange of property
*Prepare balance sheet for real estate assets values (accounting/auditing)
*Obtain credit facilities (LG/Mortgage)
*Liquidation (heirs or partners)
*Amalgamation of two real estate companies
*Legal actions (Lawyers Bureaus/ Public Auction/ Solving Legal Disputes over a Property)

What are the documents & Information Required for Appraisal requests?

First: Appraisal Application
1-Application filled, indicating name of customer and location of property.
2-copy of the title deed or land lease agreement of property indicating location, block, plot# ,plan # & land size.
3- Civil ID of customer, applicant, or power of attorney, if any.

Second: Property Documents
1-Building permit from Kuwait Municipality.
2-Approved licensed plans from Kuwait Municipality.
3-List of rent receipts for subject units , stamped by the customer.
4-Number of vacant units in property, if any.

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