We have Al Dirwaza, the Best Draw Account

Al Dirwaza, is an investment saving account based on Wakala investment principle with profits disbursed monthly, along with draws to win cash prizes throughout the year

Account Benefits

  • The highest expected profit rate of up to 2% distributed monthly
  • The highest winning chances, every KD is a chance
  • Monthly prizes with a total of KD20,000 distributed to 11 winners and a yearly mega prize of KD100,000
  • No salary transfer required

We have the Best Digital Rewards Program

KIB Rewards Program is the first Digital Rewards program in the Kuwaiti Banking industry where you earn points automatically from a wide range of events & transactions with the Bank. After successfully completing registration to KIB Rewards using KIB Online or Mobile banking app, you will be able to earn KIB Reward points on eligible banking transactions and activities

Program Benefits

  • Earn points on all your interactions with the bank, such as opening an Account, Term Deposits, your monthly salary being credited, issuing a credit card and much more
  • Redeem KIB Rewards points on KIB Rewards Online Market platform with an extensive list of participating outlets, travel related rewards, electronics, retail products, E-vouchers and benefit from a variety of exclusive deals and special offers through Rewards Online Market platform

We have the Best Cashback Program

Every KD1 spent on local and international transactions earns you up to 5% Cashback

Cashback Program Benefits

  • Get back up to KD600 on all credit cards and prepaid card
  • Start earning when you spend KD100 locally or internationally
  • You can Redeem your Cashback points via the following channels: KIB ATM, Online and Mobile Banking