KIBPay Service

The service allows you to receive the Money in two ways, either through “In-App” or by “Sharing” a message through an external App (WhatsApp, email, SMS) with a KNET Link. This service allows you to receive transfers 24/7.

KIBPay transaction limits

  • Minimum Amount per transaction, 10 KD
  • Maximum amount per month, 10,000 KD

KIBPay Steps

  • 1- Customers will log in through their Mobile Banking account
  • 2- Choose payment
  • 3- Select KIBPay
  • 4- KIBPay service Have two Options (In-App - Share)
  • 5- If customers select In-App, customers enters their details (amount - note) and they will receive KNET link and pay to themselves from their other local account
  • 6- If customers select Share, customers enters their details (Amount – payer Language – Payer Name), system will generate message with a KNET link to the Customers, customers will share the message through an external App (WhatsApp, email, SMS…..) to the recipient and if the recipient accept the link, KIB customer will get paid.