Biometric Card Features

  • Enhanced security, authenticates your identity through your fingerprint.
  • Simple and convenient payment experience, without the need to touch the terminal or enter your PIN.
  • You will still enjoy the same card benefits you do today, but now with an additional layer of security via biometric technology.

How to enroll your fingerprint on the card?

Enrollment to the service is key, and its simple and can be done at the comfort of your home without the need to visit the branch. By simply inserting the Visa Infinite biometric card in the sleeve and by following the instructions below, you will complete the enrollment, in a manner of seconds.

For detailed instructions visit KIB Instagram / YouTube page to watch the Biometric Video.

Youtube Video Tutorial

  • 1- With each Biometric card you will also receive a Card Sleeve that is used to register and enroll your fingerprint details to the card.
  • 2- You have to register your card, by inserting the Visa Infinite Card into the enrollment sleeve and waiting for card authentication, once you see a green light flashing, you can proceed enrolling your fingerprint.
  • 3- Fingerprint enrollment requires you to place your thumb on the fingerprint sensor, center your nail line with the center of the fingerprint sensor, lift your finger once the light goes off, and repeat eleven times.
  • Once you are done, the green light will stay on permanently, which means the fingerprint enrollment has been completed successfully.
  • 4- Repeat the same enrollment steps on another finger to enroll 2 fingerprints.
  • 5- To activate your Biometric Card, you must make one transaction using your card PIN by inserting the card into the POS terminal or through an ATM.
  • The fingerprint has been activated successfully on your Biometric Card.

How is the payment made using biometric card?

The card features an embedded fingerprint sensor to quickly capture and match the cardholder’s fingerprint to the digital fingerprint image stored on the card.

  • 1. Inserts or taps the Biometric card at the POS terminal while holding your thumb on the card sensor.
  • 2. The sensor creates a digital image of your thumb which is then matched against the stored digital data on the Biometric card.
  • 3. If there is a successful biometric match, the transaction is authenticated. If there is an unsuccessful biometric match, the card will prompt the cardholder for a PIN or signature.

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