KIB Security Center

We are committed to making sure your personal information, financial information and your online banking experience is safe. We use state-of-the-art technology to protect your personal data and privacy.

How to protect yourself?

Hints and tips to keep you safe

1. Keep your computer up-to-date by regularly updating your computer’s operating system to stay safe.

2. Browse safely and install an Anti-Virus solution to protect your computer from computer Viruses and Malwares. There are variety of good off-the-shelve products for a reasonable price.

3. Use secure networks when accessing your online banking and do not use public internet (such as Hotel’s, Airports, Cafes internet) to access your online banking.

4. Never log in to Online banking through a link in an email. Always type the address into your browser.

5. Never give your PIN and password to others and never write them down or storing them in clear text.

6. Be cautious when opening attachments that you were not expecting or are unsure about.

7. If you lose your mobile, call us immediately to disable your mobile banking service.  

Threats and Frauds What are the security threats and frauds?

1. Phishing

You receive an email that looks like it comes from someone you know and asking you for your personal information or to log on to your account using a link within the email. If you do so, you will hand over your details to a fraudster. Phishing scams takes place varies ways. It could be by email, SMS or phone. They seek to obtain valuable information such as credit card numbers and passwords to be used to commit a fraud.

How to avoid and report phishing and online fraud:

1. KIB will never ask you for your account information (username, password, credit/debit card number, PIN numbers) by email nor SMS.

2. Do no click on any link or reply to any email or SMS asking for your personal details (username, password, credit/debit card number, PIN numbers).

3. If you receive any such request, please ignore and alert us immediately by email or call 1866866.

4. Make sure that the protection level of your computer is sufficiently high by installing antivirus scanner.

5. Change your password and PIN number regularly.

6. Secure your accounts with strong password.

7. Try to avoid entering your account information on public computers.

8. If you wish to report any phishing or fraud attempt relating to KIB, please forward details of this via email without modifying the contents to, we will investigate the matter and take immediate action.

9. If card has been under fraudulent activity or stolen please report to contact center at 1866866 to stop or cancel the card.

10. File a case with the local authorities

2. Malware

A malware is a malicious software such as a Virus and Trojans which is often hidden in attachments and free downloads. Malwares usually log your keystrokes to steal your passwords to access your online banking. Do not open unknown attachments or download unknown software especially from file sharing sources as a uTorrent. Install Anti-Virus solution to protect your computer from computer Viruses and Malwares. There are variety of good off-the-shelve products for a reasonable price.

3. ID Theft

Social media is booming and have changed the way we connect to others. Fraudsters will use every method and opportunity to get access to your valuable information. Our recommendation is to limit the amount of information you publish about yourself on your social media website.

4. Reporting a fraud

a. Regularly check your bank account and credit card balance.

b. If someone calls asking for your account information, credit card information, end the call. The Bank or the Police will never ask you for your credit card information.

c. Do not give your card number and PIN number to other people.

d. Don’t let your card out of sight when making a payment over a counter.

e. When making payment online, always check if the website is secure and safe before you enter any account or card details. Look for a green lock next to the web address bar which indicates your card and account information is sent securely.

Noticing unusual activity on your account?

Contact us immediately if you think you have been a victim of a fraud on your KIB’s bank account, debit card or credit card. If you notice suspicious or transactions you do not recognize, you can report this to us on the following numbers. 1 866 866

Or contacting one of our branches.

Always remember the bank and the Police will never call you and ask your for banking information such as PIN, password, credit card number.

5. Suspected Scams

Do not respond to suspicious email, these might be fraudulent. If you have received one, please forward the email to  

6. How KIB Protects You

Text alerts If you have enabled this service, we will send you an SMS on every transaction conduced on your account, debit card and credit card. You may contact us directly if you suspect any unusual or suspicious activity on your account. Secure Log-on

You will always have to enter your card number, a secret answer, validate your security image, and your password to access your online banking.

Extra security on our online banking Our online banking is secured using the latest security encryption mechanism. This means that any information you send us in a secret message that we only understand. Automatic Log-off We will automatically log you off after several minutes of inactivity in case you forget to log off.  

7. Using ATM Machines

1. Pay close attention to your surroundings before conducting an ATM transaction.

2. Stay Vigilant. Do not be distracted.

3. Reject any offers of assistance from strangers

4. Shield the PIN pad when you enter the PIN

5. Regularly change your PIN number

6. Do not use ATMs that are not well lit or seem suspicious. Please report this immediately to the Bank.  

8. Our Security Awards

ISO 27001:2013 Certification – Awarded to our Information Security Unit for securing Information Technology infrastructure and services. The certification consists of a thorough assessment and audit against an international standard to assure you that we are doing our best to keep your account information and payments safe and secure. Best Data Loss Prevention Award from GISEC, Dubai – We’re proud to have received this award for implementing an industry best practice & pioneer Data Loss Prevention solution that is aimed in protecting your information data and assets. This award demonstrates our dedication to assuring that your data security is kept at the forefront of our business.