Complementary Disclosure on Sale of Prosperities


Reference to the Capital Markets Authority's regulations Book (10), Chapter 4, Article 4-6-1, issued on 9 November 2015 concerning the disclosure of substantial information, We would like to provide you with a complementary disclosure.


Date : 4/2/2016


Name of Listed Company : Kuwait International Bank


Title of Disclosure: Complementary Disclosure on Sale of Properties Lawsuit filed before the Court


Date of Previous Disclosure: 4/2/2016


Update: The Court decided: “Abatement of the Lawsuit” in its session held on 10/02/2016.


Subsequent financial effect: No financial effect due to the fact that the debtor settled the debt prior to the issuance of the sentence “Abatement of Lawsuit”. This was previously disclosed on 29.11.2015.