Resignation of – GM of Risk Management Department


Reference to the Capital Markets Authority's Regulations concerning Disclosure of Material Information and the mechanism for disclosing the same and to Chapter 4, Book (10), Article 4-1-1 of the Executive Bylaws issued on 9/11/2015.

Date: 17/09/2017

Name of Listed Company: Kuwait International Bank

Disclosure Caption: Accepting the Resignation of Mr. Giuseppe Montalto- General Manager of Risk Management Department.

Material Information: We would like to state that the resignation of
Mr. Giuseppe Montalt -General Manger of Risk Management Department- submitted for personal reasons has been accepted. Thus, his last working day will be Sunday 17/09/2017.


It has also been decided that Mr. Manoj Mishra -Senior Manager Credit Risk Review- shall be the Acting General Manager of Risk Management Department as of Monday 18/09/2017 and until further notice.

Effect of Material Information on the Company’s Financial Position: None