International Finance

IBD is responsible for correspondent relationships around the globe as well as meeting the needs of KIB’s customers ‎abroad. After conversion into a full-fledged Islamic commercial bank, KIB focused on building strong relationships ‎with correspondents worldwide, adopting a strategy aiming to respond to corporate and individual customers’ ‎requirements to the fullest in terms of international trade and payment & transfer services.

Our network of correspondents includes prominent Islamic banks as well as international banks providing Islamic ‎financial services. We also partner with conventional banks in trade finance (LCs/LGs) and payments.

Significant services to international financial institutions & Corporate includes:

  • “Sukuk Investments, Bilateral Finance, Syndications, Trade Finance, FX & Money Market and ‎Asset Management.
  • “Your Account with KIB” service in Kuwaiti Dinar to local and international banks and financial ‎institutions.
  • Nostro and Vostro accounts services.

For more information on KIB’s & IBD’s activities, please do not hesitate to contact:

Mr. Moayyad Al-Sarawan
Head of Financial Institutions - International Banking Department

Tel.: (Direct) +965 2231 1269
Fax: +965 2246 2105