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An investment saving account based on Wakala investment principle with profits disbursed monthly, along with draws to win cash prizes throughout the year

  • Monthly draws: from February to December 2023 – 1st winner: KD 10,000. 2nd to 11th winners: KD 1,000
  • Mega Draw: January 2024 - one winner of KD 100,000

Get to know Al Dirwaza Account draw winners

  • February - 2023 draw winners
  • March - 2023 draw winners
  • April- 2023 draw winners
  • May- 2023 draw winners
  • June-2023 draw Winners
  • July-2023 draw Winners
  • August-2023 draw Winners
  • September-2023 draw Winners
  • October-2023 draw Winners
  • November-2023 draw Winners
  • December-2023 Draw Winners
  • Mega Draw 2023

Account benefits

  • The funds of the account are invested based on Wakala investment principle
  • Instant issuance of ATM card
  • Expected profits up to 2% disbursed on Monthly basis.
  • Up to KD 2,000 cash withdrawal from ATMs
  • SMS service
  • No salary transfer required

Chances calculation

  • Weekly and Monthly draws: 1 chance is for every KD 1 that have completed 1 full calendar month in the account, and the chances are calculated based on the lowest monthly balance prior to the draw.
  • Mega Draw: 1 chance is for every KD 1 that have completed 2 full calendar months in the account, and the chances are calculated based on the lowest 2 monthly balances prior to the draw.
  • The maximum chances each customer gets is 250,000
  • Draw chances are calculated on the available account balance excluding amounts under collections
  • Blocked amounts are calculated for the draw chances


  • The account is available for individuals in Kuwaiti Dinar only
  • Minimum balance of KD 100 is required for the account and to enter the draws and this amount can only be withdrawn upon account closure
  • Monthly profits are calculated based on the minimum monthly balance
  • The bank has the right to amend these terms and conditions for the campaign, draws, and prizes for Al Dirwaza account at any time and the customer has no right to object to that given that the customer is notified for any amendments within sufficient time in writing or by electronic means.
  • The weekly and monthly draw winners are not entitled to enter any of the monthly draws until the end of three months
  • The Mega draw takes the place of the monthly draw
  • The prizes are not deducted from the customer’s funds
  • The customer should not close the account until the day of the draw in order to enter the draws
  • Terms and conditions applied.

2024 campaign

  • Weekly Draws: 5 winners KD 1,000 each, 7 winners KD 500 each.
  • Monthly Draws: 2 winners- KD 5,000 each.
  • Mega Draw: January 2025- one winner of KD 100,000
  • *the Mega draw takes place the monthly draw

Winners of Al Dirwaza Account Draws

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Terms and Conditions

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