KIB honors winners of Ramadan Quran competition

Kuwait, __ May 2019: Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announces winners of the annual Ramadan Quran competition, which is organized during the Holy Month for children of the Bank’s customers, as well as employees and their children. Held at Al Baraka Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, this competition came as part of the Bank’s Ramadan program which comprises a diverse number of humanitarian and religious initiatives and activities.
The competition winners were honored in the presence of the Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KIB, Raed Jawad Bukhamseen, as well as a number of other honorees and representatives from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.
On his part, Senior Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, Nawaf Najia honored winners of the competition saying: “As our Holy Prophet Mustafa (PBUH) once said, ‘the best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.’ And with that in mind, the Ramadan Quran Competition has become one of our most popular traditions at KIB - and we make sure to uphold this tradition every year. We encourage learning and teaching others the Holy Quran, as well as encouraging proper traditions of Quran recitation and memorization amongst youth. By doing so, we aim at promoting Islamic values across various segments of the local community, particularly youth and children.”
Najia lauded this year’s impressive turnout with over 1,700 participants in the competition and a total 24 proctors who organized the competition in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. This increase in the number of participants was a result of two important factors: first, the competition’s success and its reputation amongst youth, and secondly, an increase in religious awareness amongst parents which enabled them to encourage their children to participate in the competition.
At the end, Najia called for all participants to continue their religious education of the Holy Quran alongside their work, as knowledge drives success at work.