KIB: KIB Mubader Center collaborates with Rainmaking to deliver hands-on workshops to boost Kuwaiti entrepreneurs’ skills

Kuwait, __ August 2022:

As a leading national financial institution in Kuwait’s banking sector, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) continues to concentrate its efforts on empowering Kuwaiti entrepreneurs through growing KIB Mubader Center – which the Bank established to act as an integrated qualification facility that supports local entrepreneurs. In this regards, the Bank, represented by KIB Mubader Center, and in collaboration with Rainmaking - the world-leading corporate innovation and venture development firm - is presenting a series of top-notch hands-on entrepreneurship workshops. The workshops will be delivered by Rainmaking using the latest methods and approaches applied internationally to help Kuwait’s local entrepreneurs launch their small-sized projects and take the right steps towards developing their business ideas and grounding them in reality.

Among Rainmaking’s noteworthy successes is its Startup Boot Camp which, according to output and performance evaluation, has helped 75% of participating entrepreneurs who applied Rainmaking’s techniques make breakthrough success in the entrepreneurship sector. Accordingly, Abdullah Al-Awadi from KIB, stressed on the importance of offering Rainmaking’s Startup Boot Camp in a language, tone and format tailored to a young Kuwaiti audience, in order to enable local entrepreneurs to reap the most value from the workshop tools and acquire entrepreneurial skills in a seamless manner and in a way that serves their business endeavors as per the most commonly used language in the local market. He also point to the arrangements currently being made by KIB Mubader Center in preparation for the launch of an entrepreneurship boot camp in Kuwait within the upcoming months, through which all the necessary tools for developing SMEs will be delivered.

Al-Awadi further added: “One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face today in Kuwait is acquiring the appropriate educational and training tools, made available in an integrated startup ecosystem. That’s why we are very keen on continuing KIB Mubader Center’s initiatives and activities, and reinforcing its services to meet Kuwaiti entrepreneurs’ and business owners’ aspirations through developing creative solutions that enable entrepreneurs to overcome these challenges and become active players in the market.

“Among KIB Mubader Center’s planned innovative solutions is an exclusive Mubader Center app which will presumably include all of Rainmaking’s training programs that can be reviewed through said app anywhere worldwide,” stated Al-Awadi.

KIB Mubader Center, an owned initiative by KIB, was established as an entrepreneurship incubator and accelerator that supports Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and SME business owners that operates within a multi-service entrepreneurial system that supports entrepreneurs across their business journey by offering pioneering, multi-level training bundles along with a series of services that widely address the local entrepreneurship ecosystem’s needs.