KIB launches its annual initiative to distribute refreshments amongst those praying during the last ten days of Ramadan

19 May 2019

Kuwait, __ May 2019: As part of this year’s social responsibility program during Ramadan, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) organized its annual initiative to distribute cold refreshments amongst those who have finished Tarawih and Qiyam prayers at mosques across the country during the last ten days of the Holy Month.
This initiative was organized in collaboration with KIB’s employee volunteer group, ‘KIB Heroes’. The volunteer group aims at spreading values of teamwork and volunteerism, as well as a sense of social responsibility towards the community; particularly during the last ten days of Ramadan.
On this occasion, Senior Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, Nawaf Najia, said: “We are committed to organizing this annual initiative, which falls in line with this year’s Ramadan campaign entitled ‘Hope for Life’. By distributing water amongst those praying, we recognize and appreciate their efforts and spiritual devotion during the last ten days of Ramadan; thereby spreading hope across the community and promoting values of goodness and giving in the hearts of everyone.”
Najia also noted that this initiative came as part of a series of initiatives within KIB’s comprehensive Ramadan program, which aims at serving all segments of the local community. He also noted that these various social initiatives aim at fostering community values and strengthening ties between everyone. Najia also lauded the efforts made by the ‘KIB Heroes’, who distributed the cold refreshments amongst those praying after leaving mosques – with high spirits, positivity and a strong sense of social responsibility.
It is worth noting that, throughout Ramadan, KIB has organized a number of humanitarian and charity initiatives and activities, as part of its leading social responsibility program. The Bank always strives to positively impact various segments of the community.