Real Estate Services in KIB

KIB Aqari is a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs. With our comprehensive platform, you can easily manage, evaluate, and maximize your real estate portfolio from anywhere, anytime. The app offers powerful property management features, including automated rent collection, unpaid rent tracking, and you can also request for an appraisal from experienced appraisers with live updates on your appraisal request. Best of all, have your appraisal report authenticated with a QR code that can be verified by anyone who has the KIB Aqari app. Download now to simplify your real estate management needs!

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KIB Aqari

KIB Aqari, is the one-stop-shop that makes it easy to manage, evaluate and maximize your properties. Our comprehensive platform is designed to help you unlock the full potential of your real estate portfolio, available anytime and anywhere on both web and mobile.

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KIB Aqari

Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate Appraisal is Applying both scientific and professional approaches to determine the value after inspecting the property and the surrounding area as well as studying the real estate market, in details, to determine the property’s ‎fair market value.

Property Management

In KIB we will provide you with Comprehensive and integrated services for different types of properties

 -Marketing and managing properties.
- Collection of rent.
- Online rent payment for tenants.
- Preparing accounting reports.
- Maintenance services.
- Legal services.

Real Estate Finance

It finances customers’ real estate requirements by means of divergent products, like Murabaha, Ijara and Istisnaa, financing the purchase of investment, commercial and residential properties. Moreover, KIB provides financing facilities for construction purposes by means of Istisnaa.