Disclosure on Lawsuit

Reference to the Capital Markets Authority's Regulations concerning Disclosure of Substantial Information Chapter 4, Book (10), Article 4-4-1/14, attached therewith is Template (8) concerning Lawsuits and Judicial Verdicts.


Disclosure regarding the Bank’s appeal against a court verdict for which an earlier disclosure has been issued on 18/2/2016


Date: 9/3/2016


Name of Listed Company: Kuwait International Bank


Lawsuit No.: 1117 of 2016 Appeal Commercial (2)


Subject of the Lawsuit: An appeal against the court verdict No. 1013 of 2014 commercial civil first instance governmental 13 issued regarding the derivative action on 16/2/2016


Date of the Verdict: -----


Competent Count: First Instance


Litigants: Al-Dawli Customer


In favor of: -----


Wording of the First Instance Court Verdict: The customer shall be abided by payment of the principal amount of debt of KD 9,905,000/- without any profits.


Wording of the Appeal Court Verdict: None. The appeal has been held for hearing scheduled on 27/3/2016 – first session


Wording of the Court of Cassation Verdict: None


Predictable Effect: No effect until issuance of a final and binding verdict as well as execution thereof.