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Al- Dawli Organizes Training Program on “The Technical and Legal Aspects of Documents Forgery and Fraud Crimes”



Mr. Majdi Ghannam HRD-Executive Manager at Kuwait International Bank stressed the importance of the recently-held training programs for KIB staff which tackles “The Technical and Legal Aspects of Documents’ Forgery and Fraud Crimes”. The four-day training program was presented by an experienced professional in forgery and fraud crimes.

Mr. Ghannam confirmed that the importance of this program falls behind the nature of the topics that were raised, and for being directly related to the banking sector in specific. The program started defining comprehensively the framework of banking forgery and fraud crimes and citing examples of realistic and genuine cases with special emphasis on documents and signatures’ forgery using both conventional, advanced or innovative methods and techniques. Through the program, the difference between full and partial forgery was also explained. Moreover, the methods and mechanisms used to uncover documents’ forgery have been illustrated. This includes using visible and invisible radiation such as visible ordinary light, UV radiations, infrared radiations, or X-rays. It was also stressed that laser should be used for securing documents and protecting them against forgery and fraud. In addition, the program highlighted the difference between currency fraud and documents forgery.

Mr. Ghannam also commended the participants' interaction during the program and confirmed KIB’s keenness in organizing such training programs which were tailored for the respective departments, aiming at increasing staff awareness, developing their skills and widening their knowledge of the newly innovated forgery and fraud detection methods so as to encounter forgers seeking illegal gains. To do so, collaborated efforts are highly required. These crimes compose risks to individuals and societies, as they may threaten the financial stability and affect the banking transaction processes particularly currency fraud related ones.

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