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Al Dawli organized a training course on "Appraisals"



In recognition of the importance of constant development and training of KIB staff, the bank arranged for a training course on setting the objectives in the performance appraisals. The course targeted the managers who are responsible for preparing and formatting the reports in order to help them fulfill the appraisal programs.

In this context, Mr. Majdi Ghannam, Executive Manager, HRD, stated:"Appraisal Objective Setting Course comes under the umbrella of the bank's training strategy for evaluating staff performance, which targets all the staff at all different levels and divisions, to increase their awareness of conventional trainings and the world of money and business. He also stressed that the bank exerts its best endeavors to arrange for highly professional trainers. The trained staff, meanwhile, learned how to put the objectives, to educate their staff of their objectives and to have them approving the same. He indicated that approving to abide by these objectives is an essential and unquestionable factor to help the bank attain its general objectives.

Ghannam added that six groups of the staff attended this appraisal course and each of the groups was trained for two days. This course was designed to train and qualify the managers how to place their appraisal reports.

He stressed that KIB is keen on providing its staff- at all levels- with suitable trainings, as the continuous training helps the staff to be more creative, which, in turn, will reflect on the bank's position in the market, as one of the best distinguished leading Islamic banks in the country.

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