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Al-Dawli Sponsored Kuwait Social Media Summit



Once again, Kuwait International Bank renews its constant support to youth in different domains confirming its presence and communication with different categories of customers though different social media means. Recently, social media has played significant role in promotional programs and confirmed their unprecedented ability to rapidly reach customers.

This was part of the speech delivered by Mr. Matar Alshammari, RBD-GM, during the summit which was recently held at J. W. Marriott.

“In spite of the fact that social media is a recently-used marketing tool but it has given its users the priority and advantage over their competitors. Social media gives better opportunity to communicate and interact with customers building strong relationships with them” Alshammari stated “

Commenting on the Bank’s sponsorship to the summit, Alshammari mentioned “Through this sponsorship, the Bank reinforces its communication with different types of community segments focusing on youth. These days, social Media plays more effective role than that of traditional media means as it is the fastest method to reach youth and understand their aspirations in a relatively short time.”

It is worth mentioning that the summit was held by virtue of Central Agency for Information Technology’s invitation under the kind sponsorship of the Ministry of Information and Minister of State of Youth Affairs Suliman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah. More than 200 well-known figures in the governmental and private sectors attended the event and many leading companies participated.

In addition, the summit was attended by different parties interested in social media means including project owners, marketing professionals, and governmental officials. The event included number of lectures and workshops organized by leaders of social media regionally and internationally. The summit tackled number of topics covering electronic media violence, handling social media websites’ crises as well as means for designing successful promotional campaigns using social media channels.

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