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"Al Dawli" Mock Drill in a Record Time



In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, Emergency Medical Services at the Ministry of Health and Banking Joint Complex, Kuwait International Bank concluded a successful mock drill at its Head Office in the Joint Banks Complex.

KIB, from time to time, has implemented a number of mock drills to raise the level of awareness of its staff in general on how such drills are performed and to better train the emergency teams on such occasions and on how to encounter crises, and to be also aware of the mechanism of handling such situations if they really take place, God Forbid. The drill was implemented in a well-organized and professional way. Evacuation process lasted for eight minutes since launching mock drill’s alarms. All staff and customers present at that time had efficiently participated. This is an effective practice in anticipation of any real emergencies through which the bank is able to identify KIB staff and departments’ readiness and reaction in such cases. These drills confirm the Bank’s commitment to staff and customer’s safety and integrity.

Al Dawli is always keen on developing the skills of its staff in all departments. The development of the staff performance will definitely reflects on the bank's operational strategy which stipulates that the real and long term investment is the investment in the bank's workforce and human resources. This will of course have a positive impact on the bank's performance, results, economic and social position in the future, whether at local, regional or international levels.

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