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Al Dawli confers the 2nd and 3rd winners their prizes of the 1st Draw of "Al-Dawli cards your gate to gold“



In conclusion of KIB's campaign entitled "Al-Dawli Cards Your Gate to Gold“ and in light of the overwhelming turnout of customers since launching the campaign in January for a two months time expiring on 28/2/2014, Mr. Mater Al Shamari, Acting GM, RBD, at KIB, received Mr. Said Abdul Bari, the 2nd winner of golden ingot of 150 gm. and Ms. Dalal Al Khalid, the 3rd winner of a golden ingot of 100g mg.

Al Shamari congratulated the three winners of half a kilo of pure gold from the 1st draw and stressed that the bank launched its grand campaign "Al-Dawli Cards Your Gate to Gold“ as a gift for the bank's visa card holders.

He indicated that the bank presented another half kilo of pure gold for another three winners in a second and last draw on 13.3.2014 with the same details. Thus the total prize for this campaign becomes one kilo of pure gold and the total number of winners becomes 6 winners instead of 3 only.

Al Shamari also said that he is content of the customer's vivid interaction and stressed that all the bank's customers who do not have any of its visa cards (Platinum, Golden, or Classic cards) should visit the bank's HQ or any of its 26 branches all over Kuwait to enjoy the banks promotional and marketing campaigns offered by the bank from time to time, as this may financially serve them better.

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