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KIB Participates in GUST Career Fair



The Executive Manager of the Human Resources Department at KIB, Mr. Majdi Ghannam stressed the need to have clear strategic working objectives in order to attract national talents of the highest potential who will ultimately yield positive financial and related benefits.

Mr. Ghannam’s comments came while speaking about KIB’s participation at the Career Fair recently organized by Gulf University of Science & Technology. He noted that KIB, ranked Best Islamic Bank - 2014, sees the fair as an ideal opportunity to meet fresh graduates seeking excellent opportunities for various career paths. Ghannam also pointed out that the career fair provided a means for KIB’s employees to communicate with the youth and assist them in preparing for the workforce.


As a pioneering institution in the Islamic banking field, KIB provided students with information on the products and services offered by the Bank in accordance with Islamic law. This included information on the objectives, values and ethics of Islamic banking and guidance on how to work in the field. Those interested in applying to work at KIB were asked to do so at its official website: www.kib.com.kw.Mr. Ghannam stressed the readiness of KIB to train new recruits and prepare them for future jobs in their career path.


Mr. Ghannam said, “Indeed KIB, through its strong desire to participate in career fairs and youth activities, reaffirms its commitment to support such activities that participate in various sectors of civil society which foster youth potential. We count on new graduates to carry the country into a future of stability and growth.”


He also pointed out that KIB dedicates focus to a broad range of youth activities through its innovative products and services, some of which are specifically tailored towards the youth. Mr. Ghannam mentioned KIB’s desire to maintain continuous communication with the youth through various social media channels where it can communicate the benefits offered by the bank and news on upcoming events.

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