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KIB Employees Visit Dewaniyas during Ramadan



Kuwait International Bank  - Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait 2014 - continued its Ramadan activities with visits to various dewans by multiple groups of bank employees.

The visits are a part of KIB’s efforts to maintain communication with dewan leaders and associates during the holy month and stem from the importance of the Dewaniyah in Kuwaiti society.

“The Dewaniya visits by KIB employees reinforce a tradition created long ago by the people of Kuwait – a tradition which is intricately linked with our cultural heritage. In the past, the Kuwaiti Dewaniyah served as a meeting forum and council where people of a neighborhood could gather and communicate as well as discuss issues related to their daily lives,” explained Matar Alshammari, Acting GM of KIB’s Retail Banking Department.

Alshammari emphasized that Dewaniya visits hold an even greater significance during the holy month of Ramadan and must be continued. He noted that KIB will fully invest in such visits and work to maintain direct communication with attendees of these Dewaniya, with special emphasis on KIB customers who visit them.

During the Dewaniya visits, bank representatives presented KIB’s Shariah-compliant products and services in addition to discussing its various offers and activities. Moreover, KIB staff used the visits as an opportunity to listen to the attendees suggestions and comments in order to further understand their needs.

KIB is implementing a yearly comprehensive Ramadan program encompassing numerous social, sporting, cultural and religious activities and events.

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