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KIB Announces Full ATM Compatibility with All Bank Notes



Kuwait International Bank announced that its entire network of ATMs is now fully compatible with both editions of Kuwaiti bank notes as part of its commitment to maximize customer convenience.

“We at KIB are proud to be the first Kuwaiti bank to accept the 6th edition of Kuwaiti bank notes at our ATM’s accepting cash deposits,” explained Khaled Falah Al-Ali.

Al-Ali added that KIB will spare no effort in adopting the latest technology to ensure the highest standards in quality and security, emphasizing on the bank’s motto: “Trust & Ease”.  

The public can stay updated on KIB news by contacting “Al-Dawli Weyak” at 1866-866, visiting their website at www.kib.com.kw, or visiting their social media channels: Facebook.com/alDawliBank, Instagram & Twitter: @alDawliBank.


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