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KIB Employees Honored at Institute of Banking Studies Graduation Ceremony



Ghannam: KIB is committed to developing employees to global standards

Kuwait International Bank has announced that a new batch of employees was honored by Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies at a graduation ceremony following their completion of an accredited training program.

Organized by KIBS, the training program took place during 2013-2014 and covered topics that include Risk Management (RMC), Credit Management (ACCM-CCM), and Islamic banking & finance services (CIBFS).

Commenting at the ceremony in the presence of several KIB branch managers, Majdi Yahya Ghannam, Executive Manager of KIB’s Human Resources Department, congratulated the new graduates, stressing that KIB is committed to continuously developing its staff to global standards in cooperation with esteemed organizations such as the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies.

“I would like to extend my utmost appreciation for the distinguished contribution made by the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies to the Kuwaiti banking sector, a contribution that enables banking professionals to reach their potential in this rapidly-developing field,” explained Ghannam.

KIB regularly works with training institutions as part of the bank’s effort to equip its employees with the latest skills and expertise. In this regard, Ghannam stressed that KIB’s continued success is due to the long-term investments it makes in employees of all departments.

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