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Banker Middle East grants KIB



In a ceremony held in Dubai, attended by 350 prominent banking figures from MENA region

Banker Middle East grants KIB 
"CSR Excellence Award"

Antoun: "This recognition represents a “biggest challenge”. KIB is required to double and diversify CSR exerted efforts and responsibilities".

In less than few weeks, Kuwait International Bank "KIB" received "CSR Golden Shield of Excellence" by the Arab Organization of Social Responsibility in an event held lately in Dubai. Today KIB is granted, as well, the "CSR Excellence Award", the most prestigious and significant recognition of financial excellence in the M.E. offered by Banker M.E. in appreciation of the bank's varied and widespread activities in the field provided throughout the year.

An acknowledgment that would place KIB under focus of other financial institutions as a leading CSR role model at the local, Arab and regional levels.

Outstanding Recognition

"What is being achieved by KIB today represents a clear evidence of its continued quest to assume responsibilities towards the society's different segments and components, following a systematic manner and well-studied professional thoughts which enabled the bank to sponsor and participate positively in many voluntary activities from sport, cultural, educational, religious, national to economic and financial programs" said Massoud Antoun, Acting CEO-KIB, speaking on this occasion and representing the bank to receive the award at a ceremony hosted by the magazine in Dubai recently, with the presence of more than 350 dignitaries from the financial institutions and banking sector in MENA.

"KIB continues to intensify its awareness programs which focus on people with special needs, youth, students, graduates and small entrepreneurs; people who stand up for Kuwait's bright and promising future. KIB’s  initiatives were  translated to remarkable achievements sensed all over Kuwait , and were highly appreciated by all segments of Kuwait's society", he added.

Greater Responsibility

Antoun pointed out " KIB's recognition will enhance its leading CSR programs which had already attracted the international assessment bodies that granted the bank this prestigious award. Similarly, this distinction indicates KIB's outstanding performance and accurate CSR plans. It triggers a greater responsibility and much effort to maintain such an outstanding achievement. Thus, KIB intends to launch a series of initiatives, and to enhance its strategic partnership with CYFI Organization in order to implement a particular program which inculcates saving values and skills, and emphasizes the importance of money as a highly effective tool in shaping Kuwait's future economy", Antoun concluded.

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