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KIB Provides Cardless Withdrawal and Civil ID Withdrawal for Customers



Galligan: We aim to offer innovative banking solutions that make their lives easier

In its strive to introduce the most innovative services and products to its customers aiming to provide them with convenient banking solutions that suit their lifestyle, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has announced the launch of the Cardless Withdrawal and Civil ID Withdrawal services through which customers can withdraw cash from KIB’s ATMs without using the card.

On this occasion, Eugene Galligan, Acting GM – Retail Banking Department said, “We believe that providing our customer with innovative banking products and services is essential to facilitate their daily banking transactions. That’s why we have introduced the Cardless Withdrawal service, which enables customers to transfer money to anyone in emergency situations, so they can easily withdraw cash from any of the bank’s ATMs using a pin code to be provided to the customer.”

Galligan added, “On the other hand, the Civil ID Withdrawal service perfectly suits customers when they need cash urgently and the ATM card is not with them. Thus, our customers can use their Civil ID to withdraw cash from the ATM easily and securely.”

He continued by saying that the two services are safe, secure and maintain customers’ confidentiality at all times, since the bank is deploying the latest in technology to provide them with best services and peace of mind.

Galligan concluded by stressing on KIB’s constant strive to provide customers with exceptional banking experience all the time. He added that being one of the leaders in the Islamic Banking industry locally, the bank is committed to offer a variety of banking products and services that cater to customer’s demands and lifestyle.

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