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Al-Dawli Introduces “Al-Boushra” Deposit with 100% Investment and Competitive Features



Kuwait International Bank (KIB) introduces the long-term “Al-Boushra Deposit” with 100% investment and profit distribution every 6 months, where the deposited amount is invested in accordance to Mudaraba scheme and in line with the Islamic Sharia principles offering various competitive features to customers.     

Accordingly, Eugene Galligan, Acting GM – Retail Banking Department, said, “We at KIB strive to introduce innovative services and products to meet our investors’ needs and expectations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of investment deposits in KD or foreign currencies for various investment periods in line with the Islamic Sharia principles. Whether it’s Al-Boushra Deposit, Arzaq Deposit or a Savings Account, our Sharia-compliant investment deposits are the best choice for customers.” 

He added that Al-Boushra Deposit works according to the Mudaraba scheme and is available in Kuwaiti Dinar only, where the deposit amount starts from KD 25,000 to KD 250,000 maximum. In addition, the long-term investment deposit (3 years) is the suitable choice for those who would like to invest the whole deposited amount (100%) and get their profit every 6 months.

Galligan stated that customers can get a finance or credit card against the deposit amount, affirming that the Sharia-compliant Al-Boushra Deposit yields high returns on investment compared to others.  

Lastly, he pointed out that customers can open the deposit at any KIB branch, or find out more about the bank’s innovative services and products by calling “Al-Dawli Weyak” on 1866866, or visiting www.kib.com.kw .

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