Terms and Conditions for ATM Cards

1. Definitions: The following are the meaning of terminology are used in the Terms and Conditions thereof. • The Bank: Kuwait International Bank (KSC). • Holder of Account: the person, or holder of account that the card account holds his name at the bank • Card: Debit Card (Visa Electron) issued by the bank to the cardholder. • Holder of the Card: any person for whom the bank issues a card and PIN number for personal use. • Card Account: The account of the customer in whose name the primary or additional card was issued. All primary or additional card transaction, fees, subscriptions, expenses and due amounts shall be posted to this account and in accordance with the bank's policies and procedures. • PIN Number: Personal Identification Number issued to the cardholder. It consists of certain number that enables the cardholder to obtain the service. It is given personally and privacy to the cardholder, who is legally obliged to take all necessarily measures to maintain these numbers and not to disclose them to any individual. • Card Transaction: Means use of the card for purchase of goods, or against services. Where the amount is discounted from card account using card number or by any other process decided by the holder of the card account. • Holder of Supplementary Card: Decided by the cardholder pursuant to Article (8) of the Terms & Conditions hereof, who will accept discount transaction from the card account for any transaction performed by the Holder of supplementary card. • Sale Point: The location where sale transaction is perform at the shops or other business institutions 2. Suspension and Cancellation of the Card: The Bank shall have the discretion, without prior notification to the holder of the card or holder of any related supplementary cards. to cancel or suspend the card/s completely or for certain credit facility, and may reject re-issuance or replacement any of the cards without any effect on the liabilities of the holder of the card pursuant to the terms and conditions thereof_ In addition to the measures that the bank may apply to limit the use of the card including taking back the card in case deceased. bankruptcy. Or defaulted payment by holder of the card, or other cases the bank might consider apply measures thereof. The bank may replace card and PIN number for the lost or stolen card against charges decided by the bank. The cards remain property of the bank by all times. and must be handed over to the bank upon its request 3. The bank shall charge fees on local or international drawing transactions performed through other non KIB ATM machines. 4. The bank may charge extra fees on drawing transactions performed outside the State of Kuwait based on the approved bank fees and commission list. 5. Safety of the Card and PIN Number: Holder of the card must take necessary precautions to maintain the safety of the card and the secrecy of PIN number. Both, the card and the P N number are for the use of the holder of the card; and if misused by a third party only the holder of the card shall assume responsibility of all transactions performed thereof The holder of the card must refrain from announcing the PIN number to a third party except in case of card related issues or upon notification of theft or loss of the card in addition to that, the holder of the card must safeguard the card from damage or change any of the information indicated on the card. The holder of the card must notify the bank, in case of lost or stolen card or in case the PIN number became known, on the following address PO Box 22822 Safat 13089. Kuwait - TEL. 1866866. Verbal notification shall not be taken into consideration unless supported by written notification on the said address within three cays from the verbal notification; holder of the card shall assume responsibility of any amounts spent through the card until the date and time the bank receipt of the written notification. 6. Card Transaction: holder of the card may use the card follows: • May use the card in Bank’s ATM machines, and other KNET participating banks. • International ATM cash drawing transactions. • Local and international purchase transactions from sale points. • Banking services at the bank (IVR system). • Can be used for internet shopping. services, reservations or any other settlement transactions. • Other transactions permitted by the bank • Any transaction performed in any currency other than Kuwaiti Dinar shall be transferred to KD using the exchange rate on the same debit date to the card’s holder account indicated in the application form. 7. Liabilities: The holder of the card and the holder of a supplementary card shall assume responsibility for the settlement of due amounts ensued from use of the card, responsibility shall be both several and joint; and they shall be committed to indemnify the bank against any actual loss due to misrepresentation in the use of the card or the PIN number, or due to non-compliance with terms and conditions thereof. The bank may not be held responsible for any loss occurred to the holder of the card or the holder of supplementary card due to ATM damage, or sale point rejection of Visa or due to non sufficient cash in the ATM machines, or due to damage in the equipments. CPU or transfer system or any occurrences that are not managed by the bank 8. Card Account: Holder of the card must always make sure of available balance that covers its drawings and transfers He and the holder of supplementary card may not over draw funds without bank’s written consent. The bank shall immediately deduct the due amounts from card account indicated on the card or from any holder’s account with the bank to cover all transactions and liabilities ensued from the use of the card adding to it bank s fees in this concern. Any amount that has been deposited through ATM machines shall be entered to holder’s account in the next working day, but in case the amount is deposited by check then the amount shall be entered to holder’s account pursuant to effective clearing provisions issued by Central Bank of Kuwait. The bank shall assume no responsibility in case of discrepancy between the actual deposited amount in the envelope and the amount indicated on the envelope. Hereby the holder of account / and also holder of a supplementary card shall accept bank’s statement and consider it correct and final 9. Holder of Supplementary Card: Pursuant to written request from holder of principal card the bank may have the discretion to issue a supplementary card to be used by close family individuals All due amounts and fees ensued from use of the supplementary cards shall be debited on the principal card account. 10. Books and Statements of the Bank: Holder of the account shall accept the statements and books of the bank as confirmed proof of outstanding amounts, or which will be due to the bank resulted from use of principal and supplementary cards. Hereby, holder of account shall authorize the bank to perform clearance among all accounts of the holder of the account at the bank. or block any balance in any of the accounts for full settlement of the due amounts to the bank to be debited on the holder of the account or on the account of the holder of supplementary card. 11. Amendments: The bank shall have the discretion to amend or revoke any / all the terms and conditions thereof at any time; given that the Bank informs the customer in sufficient time through written notification or electronic channels. 12. Common Rules: • Holder of account shall agree to authorize the bank to compile any information. If needed from the Authority of Civil Information. • Holder of account shall be committed to all terms and conditions issued by the bank that organizes the services of the card, PIN number, ATM, and sale points. • Interpretation of the Terms and Conditions thereof shall be in accordance with effective laws of the State of Kuwait, and Kuwait courts shall arbitrate the disputes and does not conflict with the rules and regulations of Islamic Sharia’a.